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The Brief:

If you are lucky enough to be given something as timeless, chic and thoughtful as a Cuyana gift, you probably feel grateful. To express that gratitude to the giver in a way that conveys the essence of that sentiment is simply a must. So, we were absolutely thrilled when Cuyana turned to Love On Paper & Azure to create a an elegant piece of stationery to help the recipient express her gratitude to the giver. The collaboration was simple. If you ordered a Cuyana gift on the web site for the Holiday Season, Cuyana sent the recipient of your gift our custom designed cards and envelopes with your gift.

Cuyana means "With Love" in Quechua. Which made this brand the perfect partner for Love On Paper! Thank you, Cuyana for the opportunity to spread the Love!


The Cuyana brand embodies a philosophy of  "fewer, better". Therefore, the design needed to reflect this idea with a certain essentialism. And we also wanted to make the words as well as the purpose of the card the centerpiece of the experience of giving and receiving the stationery. We needed the card to match any Cuyana gift purchased.

Our vision for this piece was a sleek and understated design. We wanted the words of the woman who would be writing the card to take center stage in the design. The design started with textured Italian cotton, ultra thick (800GSM) card stock. This surface speaks pure refinement through it's very fibers when touched. We printed the cards with with blind letterpress (pressed with no ink) typography. There were 2 versions of the card with text from the Cuyana brand team. The text was a playful yet thoughtful way of saying thank you. It read "Oh, you" - which instantly makes me picture a smiling person who has just received a gift they love! Using these words instead of "Thank you!" allows the writer of the card to handwrite the words "thank you!" as part of their message on the card.

If you are interested in ordering a couture set of similar cards, please contact our sister company, AZURE invitations here ( $500 minimum for 100 cards + envelopes)

Or, create your own set of Gratitude cards by adapting our RSVP cards & postcards in any of our designs here  ( starts at around $100 for 50 cards + envelopes). And, you can see a live a preview prior to ordering!